CSS can handle all aspects of the design process from initial concept to final production. We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients. We desire to measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales, or other criteria mutually agreed upon between the agency and the clients.

The seasoned, endowed and versatile staff is equally involved in every aspect of the creative process. Our burgeoning team with erudite skills is ever ready to work for you in a constructive and fanciful way. CSS brings a fresh approach and maximum return to any marketing effort, focusing on client satisfaction as a top priority.

We dreamt of individuality and independence, thought of gaining knowledge through self learning, combined our skills with diligence and diplomatic mission, and geared our steps towards VISION.


Our websites are Beautiful and functional solutions. We provide solutions which are useful, esthetic and eye-catching as well as memorable, with a hint of the effects emphasizing the individual character of your website.

We will suggest advice and select the optimal technology to create a website which will make you proud and bring many benefits to your business.

  • Content is king:

    Ultimately it's the text content of your website that will appeal to your customers and that will help you get good ranking search engine result pages. We don't write copy here at CSS, we do know what works and are happy to advise you.

  • Accessibility:

    CSS strives to provide a friendly and accessible experience to all users.

  • Recognized limitations:

    While we have strived to make our site accessible, there are some limitations. Although we will always aim to communicate in as clear manner as we can, some of our blog posts, due to their technical nature will require a reasonable level of technical understanding. Where third-party software solutions are used, for example hosted videos, we will look to use services that provide a more complete accessibility offering, such as closed captioning.

  • Customizing your browser:

    It's often helpful to customize your browser to help you make the most of this website and the internet in general. The BBC has a good guide at My Web My Way.

Static Websites:

It is a simple website design which is cost effective, beneficial for a small enterprise or individuals to expand their business through web. Static Website is very useful for expanding market of the company with its information and appearance on internet.

We offer our services using the latest web technologies like:

  • HTML 5:

    HTML 5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting the content for World Wide Web, and is a core technology of the internet. The HTML 5 language has specific rules that allow placement and format of text, graphics. Video & audio on web page.

  • CSS 3.0:

    CSS3 is an excitingly new browser technology; its implementation is improving with every new browser release.

Using the progressive enhancement methodology, we build a website that work in all browser first then 'layer on' the cool features and 'nice to have' after, so user with modern browsers got the full site experience and older browsers still have access to all the content.

Dynamic websites:

It is the compartmentalization of the content, design and its 'dynamism' which lies in its vibrancy and interactivity, both in client side and server side scripting.

CSS builds database driven websites using several computing technologies including, php, java and more.

Multilingual Applications with CMS

Manage texts, images, videos and whatever materials you wish. Our CMS offers you great possibilities, as it's made especially for you. Thanks to its simple and intuitional operation, introducing changes is pure pleasure.

You can easily extend your website by adding any number of new language versions whenever you want. This combination of multiple languages and CMS provides ease of modification and allows extending your application in any desired direction.

We also develop your CMS system using the popular open source applications like MAGNETO, MAMBO, ZENCART, OS COMMERCE, VIRTUMART, EZPUBLISH, WORDPRESS, DRUPAL, CAKEPHP, JOOMLA

E-Commerce/ Online shop

E-Commerce is a term for any type of business or commercial transaction that involves the transfer of information across the internet.

When visiting your e-commerce website, customers must feel special, as if the offer was directed exclusively to them. Using both proven and innovative solutions, we are concerned about high usability of your online store.

We develop individual solutions to match your specific demands; we rely latest technologies like, php, java and on open source solutions such as Presta Shop or Wordpress. Due to their ease of extension, your online business can develop without limits.

We have successfully developed e-commerce applications using the latest payment gateways CCAvenue, Paypal, Google Checkout, EBS, DirecPay, HDFC Bank, IndiaPay, TrillionPay (Transecute), Epaymentsglobal, Paysignet, Whizpay, ABC Payments, ICICI, etc.,

Custom Application Development

CSS has a well-defined and mature application development process which comprises the complete Software Development Life Cycle. This process supports a distributed delivery environment wherein work responsibilities can be effectively divided between the delivery teams spread across the globe. Each of the development phases can be defined with metrics and subsequently tracked with the web based tools which can be used by our customers.

Our unique value proposition lies in our ability to:
  • Use global delivery model for application development
  • Knowledge acquisition and retention
  • Focus on re-usability thus reducing cycle times and costs
We offer the following application development services:

Web Application Development:

  • CSS offers a full range of web site application development services, from requirements gathering and definition, through the delivery and deployment of web solutions.
  • Our Web Application development professionals bring years of experience in developing commercial Web Application to meet both the business and technical requirements of a project. Our Projects are a proof of best quality, best price and solutions.
  • We have a professional team of ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA, Flash Programmers, Flex Developers and application testers who specialize in web application development, web site development and programming.
Intranet Application Development:
  • Intranet is a private internet for information distribution service accessible to the group of people as and when required. Intranet is a very powerful and useful way of Information sharing among group members within your organization.
  • Our expert Intranet Application developer team can design, customize Intranet Application solutions and give maximum benefits of customized Intranet Applications described few as below.
Features of Intranet Services:
  • Easy development and deployment of Intranet Applications to support business operations and management.
  • Information and data sharing cost effectively.
  • Common Corporate culture sharing the same information within the Intranet.
  • Information security as it lies within the organization.
Desktop Application Development:

We leverage the best-of-technologies to develop rich, user-friendly and effective desktop applications both for online and off-line usages. Our easy to use and easily accessible Rich Desktop Application (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDAs) will help you to enjoy a high-tech desktop environment. Applications that we develop can instantly synchronize the content, give access to file very quickly and will always be ready to manage and download content even if they are working offline

Features of Desktop Applications:
  • Seamlessly downloadable application which can be easily installed and will work like traditional desktop applications
  • Multiple operating system compatibility
  • Quick to install
  • Flexible to carry out more than one work
  • Support big files
  • Can be integrated on client's independent platform
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cost effective
Open Source Application Development:
  • Open source offers practical accessibility to the source code of a product. This lets you customize the product to your liking. But there is a considerable doubt among people about the capabilities of open source products. Open source is free, comes with more additional features and comes with a lower annual maintenance cost.
  • We at CSS, have extensive knowledge in the open source applications space.
  • We provide consulting / customizing / deployment / maintenance of open source products using latest tools like Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, Mediawiki, for your enterprise.

Web portal development

Today's business has gone electronically; mostly, it is being carried out over the internet. In order to grow and grow in your sphere you need to have a technical proficient Website. Web site development is not similar to earlier days. To mark your presence online, you require a high-tech website with merger of all components together well such as: images, style, content, easily understood, eye-catching and simple to use. One's Website or web portal should reflect their business perception, identity to help visitors understand you better. In creating your brand over internet CSS can assist you. Our team of professional provides you complete portal development services.

CSS offers its experience to build interactive, innovative & efficient portal solutions for their clients to various industry verticals as follows.

  • Custom Portal Development
  • Ecommerce Portal Development
  • Social Networking Portal Development
  • News Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Community Portal Development
  • E-learning Portal Development
  • Corporate web portals
  • Tender Portal Development
  • Classified Portal Development
  • Online Auction Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • Shopping Portal Development
  • Fashion Portal Development
  • Dating Portal Development
  • Matrimonial Portal Development
  • Enterprise Portal Development
  • Game Portal Web Development
  • Knowledge Portal Development
  • Music Portal Development

Application Outsourcing

CSS delivers Application Outsourcing services that help you create more value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs.

Our services are highly industrialized, underpinned by robust SLAs, based on industry-standard best practices, and delivered by a cost-effective mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore resources. CSS Application Outsourcing services are about more than 'keeping the lights on for less' – they represent a commitment to continuous improvement and value generation.

A global delivery capability ensures the round-the-clock support and skills availability to meet fluctuating needs. Furthermore, our innovative delivery models, such as Global Shared Services, enable cost reduction, process standardization, improved service resilience and scalability.

Our application outsourcing and support services provide:
  • Pricing options aligned with business outcomes and engagement tenure
  • Continuous cost reduction
  • Pattern recognition for tickets and related improvements
  • Accelerators to add value to our Knowledge Transfer practices
  • Seamless integration of resources though mature processes and technology
  • Risk management and mitigation

With our services, you can lower costs, while improving service quality, maintaining service levels, and ensuring user satisfaction.

Mobile Computing

In todays on demand world, competitive advantage is determined by the speed and flexibility with which you can respond to customer demands and marketplace challenges. We can demonstrate the value of taking your J2EE, .NET and Portal applications mobile which will show you how to:

  • Deliver services, content and applications quickly to mobile customers, employees and subscribers in real time, worldwide
  • Leverage the value of the cellular data network to increase customer loyalty and improve employee productivity
  • Provide intelligent content-adaptation capabilities to mobile devices without device-dependent authoring

Web portals allow partners, employees and customers to have an optimal user experience, with personalized applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. By leveraging and providing access to portal services and data from many of the 2.7 billion mobile devices in use, enterprises can potentially gain marketplace advantage, increase their customer's loyalty, and increase revenue.

We can determine what it takes to extend your application to mobile devices such as Blackberries, iPhones, Nexus One. We will review your existing applications and can provide an assessment, cost estimate, as well as provide a demonstration.

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising with personality and interest according to your taste: The internet has become an ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. The growth of this particular medium attracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumers.

Online advertisements may also offer various forms of animation. In its most common use, the term "online advertising" comprises all sorts of banner, e-mail, in-game, and keyword advertising, including on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Web-related advertising has a variety of ways to publicize and reach a niche audience to focus its attention to a specific group. Research has proven that online advertising has given results and is growing business revenue.

Our Digital Advertising Services as follows:
  • Product marketing
  • Pricing Distribution
  • Service Retail
  • Brand management
  • Account-based marketing
  • Ethics
  • Effectiveness Research

Revenue models: CPM (Cost per Mile): is when advertisers pay for exposure of their message to a specific audience. "Per mille" means per thousand impressions, or loads of an advertisement. However, some impressions may not be counted, such as a reload or internal user action.

CPC (Cost per Click): is when advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their listing and is redirected to their website. They do not actually pay for the listing, but only when the listing is clicked on. This system allows advertising specialists to refine searches and gain information about their market. CPC differs from CPV in that each click is paid for regardless of whether the user makes it to the target site.

CPL (Cost per Lead): advertising is identical to CPA advertising and is based on the user completing a form, registering for a newsletter or some other action that the merchant feels will lead to a sale. CPS (Cost per Sale): advertising is based on each time a sale is made.

Types of advertising:
  • E-mail advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Semantic advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • SMS advertising

Social Networking and Web 2.0

Have you found an untapped social niche? Time to get that social networking idea off the ground! Here are suggestions on ways to get it done, no matter what your budget is Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years, but it can still be very difficult to understand for someone new to social networking.

Tools for collaboration, social networking allow your employees to work together and access information to create the innovation you need and want in your business.

Team places give business teams' access to a team calendar, discussion forum, blogs and wikis enabling your teams to discuss and share information and giving your employees a sense of community, even across locations.

Content libraries allow you to share documents and files and include version control and check-out features.

CSS gives your employees a way to access variety information from a variety of disparate sources quickly and efficiently.

Social networking is the wave of web 2.0, and it will continue to be in web 3.0. Niche social networking sites are the answer to close-knit communities that need a way to get together -- especially ones that are growing tired of Facebook.

We provide the following solutions and services:
  • Collaborative Portals – Development and Administration
  • Design and Development
  • Development Team Collaboration Frameworks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Alike all web marketer's; you too must be wishing to improve the volume and quality of online traffic to your website as more than 80% of the web site visitors come from the search engines. Unfortunately, reaching the top rankings is not as easy as Cinderella becoming a princess through the magic wand!! Search engine optimization services are much more than mere commitment towards working upon your site. Search engine users hardly ever go beyond the second page of search engine rankings.

CSS Search Engine Optimization process:

  • Initial Studies
  • Understanding clients requirement & Needs
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Brainstorming and Research
  • Clients Goal for its Business
  • Finalizing Marketing Strategies based on Analysis
  • Planning
  • Strategic Implementation of set up Strategies
  • ROI Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Keywords Research (Word Tracker, Google ad words)
  • Find Business related Keywords
  • election of Keywords
Content Optimization:
  • Checking Copy content
  • Suggestion for fresh Content
  • Suggestion for Page related Content
On Page Optimization:
  • Customized Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords etc….)
  • H1, H2 Tags for Main Targeted Keywords for Each page.
  • ALT Tags for Each Image - Title Tags for Links
  • Inter linking on Every Target keywords.
  • Bold & Strong Tags for Target Keywords
OFF Page Optimization
  • Quality Directory Submission
  • Search Engines Submission
  • One way Link Building
  • Two way Link Building (Reciprocal)
  • Find Related quality website for Link Exchange
  • Social Media Optimization & Community Submission
  • Blogs Submission
  • Articles Submission
  • Press Release Submission
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Monitoring Search Engines Algorithm
  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly Reporting
  • Google analytics report
  • Traffic overview report
  • Visitor's overview report
  • Content overview report
  • Goal conversion overview report

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the most appropriate solutions that provided you an opportunity to connect with your customers. Whether you do it with by building your community or by creating a blog to you can make your marketing strategy more effective and gain lead among your competitors.

Social Media Marketing can be performed by connecting to many websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Flickr, My Space and YouTube are most among the popular sites where you can get many prospective customers. You can use Social Media Marketing Services for sending messages, establish and sustain your brand name.

Why you need Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
  • Generate more traffic
  • Multiple inbound links
  • Direct communication with your target audience
  • Enhance brand, awareness and its recognition along with reliability
  • Attract natural back-links
  • High search engine rankings
  • Familiarize your Products and Services
  • Promote content, blogs, special contests, etc.
  • Expand your reach online towards prospective customers
  • Increase loyal brand customers and community.
    Benefits of Social Media Optimization Services:
  • Establish natural and consistent quality links to your website.
  • Enhance Link popularity and search engine ranking.
  • It saves money and operates for long time enabling them to grow your links.
  • It requires one-time and cheap investment.

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