About CSS

CSS opened its doors aiming at Infinite Innovation in the quest of creating a new spawn of marketing firm. The result was a Company that combines the creative skills of a Design studio, the marketing savvy of an advertising agency, the business sense and marketing expertise of a communications firm, and the technical capabilities of a cutting edge multimedia and internet development and software development firm. CSS brings a fresh approach and maximum return to any marketing effort, focusing on client satisfaction as a top priority. We combine information with vision, wild-imagination, passion, compassion, integrity, determination, and faith and outcome life-changing ideas.

We had laid our legs in to the solemn industry on 2007 Sep 27. The motto is to give the High End - Customized – services and solutions for your every type of need. We have taken this step to get along with all businesses at one place so that the client can address all issues at once.


CSS targets at being a crucial epitome for the world of creation. Our effervescent, scintillating, sparkling and bubbling team surmounts the challenges faced by Software Company. We have the real map to our goal and got wind of (learned) the concept of leading a creative life. Our elan for entrepreneurship superintended us to start a company at budding ages. We want to be a beacon of hope for younger generations like us.


"There is something that is much scarcer, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability." We recognized our ability, learned that working together always works. So started on our own, now marching towards the cliff of multimedia and software field amalgamated with hardware and consummate creativity through a gateway called "CSS" "DREAM, DREAM, DREAM and convert these into thoughts and later into actions. Actions will lead to results. - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam"

We don’t need to specially note or state the principles of a best company
  • KNOW more about CLIENT REQUIREMENTS than anyone you know
  • Let the CLIENTS tell a story about us by SURPRISING them with INNOVATIVE SERVICES.
  • Do MORE with LESS
  • Identify the things that need to be CHANGED.Then MAKE IT HAPPEN
  • Will Progres “Challenges“
  • Try NEW things, but accept the Not’s
  • Clear, Concise and Precise
  • And lastly DO everything with VISION, WILD-IMAGINATION, PASSION, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, DETERMINATION, FAITH and outcome life-changing ideas.

As we basically follow them

Our Team

The seasoned, endowed and versatile staff is equally involved in every aspect of the creative process. Our burgeoning team with erudite skills is ever ready to work for you in a constructive and fanciful way. Captor Solutions brings a fresh approach and maximum returns to any marketing effort, focusing on client satisfaction as a top priority.

  • We don't like spoon feeding
  • We are the people brought up from last benches
  • We spent time in thinking (not just listening)
  • We spent time in observing (not just seeing)
  • We are the people who asked our teachers why earth is in spherical shape
  • We knowingly or unknowingly started thinking with reasoning there comes the confidence from, to build your brand indeed

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